If you didn’t know already, the banana is the greatest of all the fruits. Yoko Ono once wrote, “All fruits are a related species of banana, which was the first fruit in existence.” Of course it was. Everything good evolved from the banana, except maybe cable TV. This is true. Yoko went on to say, “The Bible lied about the apple because they felt mentioning the word banana too undignified (from her book, Grapefruit).” Certainly in comparison to the apple the banana has a strength that might appear awkward or blunt. But that is only because of its greatness. As we all know, it comes packaged in a cheery yellow peel, and with this peel comes comedy, and crashing to the floor upon one’s keister. Unpeeled, the banana is a graceful, proud, and sleek fruit, full of flavor with a soft delicate consistency, easily sliced and mashed into pancake batter. The banana has a promising curve and is perfect for gripping. The banana is not shy. The banana is not easily convinced. The banana can seem at times self-important, even egotistical, but that is only because it has been the subject of many great artworks from Robert Mapplethorpe to Andy Warhol, to Claes Oldenburg, to Linda Nochlin, and now here at Public Pool, 22 artists, in a show co-curated by Alice V. Schneider, Megan Frye and Mariah Dallas, make work in homage to the BANANA!

From 7:00 until 8:30, the Banana Split Girls will be serving banana splits!

Artists Include:
Corrie Baldauf
Lauren Bickers
Davin Brainard
Mariah Dallas
Claire D’Aoust
Jessica Frelinghuysen
Megan Frye
Megan Heeres
Justin Marshall
Nancy Mitchnick
Sarah Rayburn
Dalia Reyes
Rachel Reynolds
Jackie Rines
Ripe n Easy
Alice V Schneider
Clinton Snider
Cedric Tai
Thick Air
Andy Thompson
Rachel Yezbick
Robert Zahorsky

Opening Saturday, June 7 2014 from 7-11PM