Artists open their home studios, and musicians and performers play on porches and backyards. Beginning at 1pm, the festival takes over the city.

"For the most part the festival is artist initiated," says Steve Hughes of Public Pool art space. “That is, as organizers we just provide a framework for it to happen. But we don’t know just what we’re going to find from one location to the next.”

The Arts crawl gives the public a chance to meet artists in the locations where they work and create and live. It’s an opportunity for discovery to see these private spaces where art is made. To talk to artists about what they are doing and get a glimpse into the process behind it.

Visitors can also expect music on porches and renegade performances throughout the day. The event goes on into the evening with “The Good Tyme Writers’ Buffet”, a combined neighborhood potluck and rapid-fire reading event at Public Pool.

Maps are available on the day at Public Pool (3309 Caniff, Hamtramck) or alternatively from the festival’s Facebook page.

Records are cool. They have mass appeal. They can set a tone, a mood. They can trigger memory. And great songs can inspire great writers. Think of the Velvet Underground’s weird brilliant “Heroin.” Author, Denis Johnson quotes it in the epigraph of his famous short story collection — “When I’m rushing on my run and I feel just like Jesus’ son.”

Did you know that best albums are the ones that no one listens to, the obscure beauties. Public Pool is full of these. Our current show, “The Last Record Shop,” is a collection of 90 artist-rendered albums. All the bands are fictional, but the art is real and truly inspired.

On October 11th from 8-11pm, six writers will potluck, neighborhood-style, and read short works on the subject of RECORDS.

Come Potluck with us. Talk, Drink, Eat, Listen.

Readers include:
Amy Elliott Bragg
Phreddy Wischusen
Terry Blackhawk
Steve Hughes
Jeremy Schmall
Oneita Jackson

Play it loud. Play it proud. We are proud to announce the date for “The Last Record Shop” show opening: Sept 6. 7-11pm. DJ. Food. Drink. (Come to think of it, DJ Food Drink would be a pretty good name for a DJ.) See you there.